Texas Aspires'
Legislative Agenda

Texas students deserve better.

“At Texas Aspires, we believe every child deserves every opportunity to reach their full potential: a high-quality education beginning in the early years, schools that meet students’ needs, well-supported and compensated teachers, and preparation for fulfilling careers.”

Will Fullerton, Executive Director of Texas Aspires.

Students deserve to read by third grade.

  • Expanding the number of high-quality pre-kindergarten seats will increase access, opportunity, and academic outcomes.

  • Kindergarten readiness should be a priority in early childhood education.

  • Districts should use strategic staffing programs to renew focus on grades K-2.

Students deserve to have a high-quality teacher every year.

  • Compensation structures should reward teachers’ effectiveness and incentivize strategic staffing.

  • Texas should increase data reporting on the distribution of effective teachers.

  • Increased diversity in the teaching workforce should be a state priority.

Students deserve to choose a public school that fits their needs.

  • Facilities funding for charter schools will decrease the financial disparities among public schools.

  • Partnerships between districts and charter schools or community partners create new and exciting opportunities for students.

  • Replication of proven turnaround and school improvement strategies improves school performance.

  • Expansion of P-TECH and early college high schools will provide new opportunities for students.

Students deserve to graduate prepared for what’s next.

  • Rigorous coursework prepares students to succeed in postsecondary studies without remediation.

  • Students should have access to CTE programs aligned with local and state industry needs.

  • Credits and credentials should be transferable between institutions, so they can be built upon.
We believe every Texas child, regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code, deserves a quality education. You can help make that happen.