Texas Aspires Foundation Releases Report on SB 1882 Partnerships

Following the 2017 passage of Senate Bill 1882, authored by Senators José Menéndez (D-San Antonio) and Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), school leaders in Texas are taking advantage of incentives for traditional school districts to partner with charter management organizations, universities, and non-profits to improve student learning. The Texas Aspires Foundation has authored a report entitled “The Promise of Partnerships” to highlight some of the exciting work underway and encourage other districts to explore the new opportunities available.

“Most Texans recognize there is room for improvement in our public schools,” said Texas Aspires Foundation’s director of policy, Molly Weiner. “Our team was proud to help champion SB 1882 in the 85th Legislative Session to add another tool to school district’s toolboxes as they seek to make those improvements. This new resource sheds light on the potential of bringing in partners to tackle complex challenges.”

“The Promise of Partnerships” gives an overview of current tensions between public school sectors, how new legislation encourages innovation, and collaboration models from across the country. In addition to the report, the Foundation has compiled resources for interested parties to stay updated on partnership opportunities and emerging agreements at the local level on this new webpage.

“From what we’ve seen so far, Texas districts are using this new legislation to throw a lifeline to schools on the brink of closure. That’s certainly one way to use these new resources, but we hope to see school leaders get more inventive in years to come,” said Texas Aspires Foundation executive director Courtney Boswell MacDonald. “Once the Texas Education Agency irons out rules for these partnerships, I think we will see exciting new partnerships emerge.”


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