85th Legislature Recommits to A-F Ratings with Improvements

Measuring how well schools and districts are educating Texas students is critical to ensuring that each student receives a quality education that prepares them for a successful future. Over the years, Texas has refined its accountability system, most recently through the introduction of A-F ratings for schools and districts.
TEA released preliminary school ratings in January, and Texas Aspires Foundation launched a website to provide information and analysis about the new ratings to the public. During the 85th Legislature, important changes were made to the ratings but the bulk of the system remains. Schools and districts will receive ratings in 2019 based on their performance in three domains: student achievement, school progress, and closing achievement gaps.

Check out the updates to the website and learn more about the recent changes to the A-F accountability system. Texas Aspires will continue to follow the implementation of the new system and provide updates. As always, we will continue to fight to for a system that shines light on all students’ performance, rewards schools for serving their student populations well, and drives improvement across the Lone Star State.
We believe every Texas child, regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code, deserves a quality education. You can help make that happen.